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Invited 4 @ N4th: Line/Shape/Color/Form
Four artists in the field of non-representational and abstract art

GROWTH (detail), photo by Christopher MacQueen

image credits (cw, top left): Embryonica by Emily Van Cleve, 28x24 acrylic & ink; Synesthetic #14 by Reyes Padilla, 24x30 acrylic; Untitled by Catherine Lynch, 10x8 acrylic; Long Neck by Sarah Sadler 21x10x10 ceramic


July 1 – September 18, 2016
N4th Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, August 5, 5-6:30pm

Invited 4 @ N4th: Line/Shape/Color/Form highlights the talents and artistic strengths of four New Mexico artists who have forged their own vocabulary/vein of non-representational and abstract art. The exhibit is organized in four parts, represented by the work of each artist, to encapsulate key elements of art: line, shape, color and form.

Exhibiting Artists:
Reyes Padilla - My work is created by actively painting what I see while listening to music.
Emily Van Cleve - My work is about relationships, from the intimate, to the spiritual, to the global and beyond.
Catherine Lynch – I work with available materials while processing an internal dialogue with an eye on the world.
Sarah Sadler - My clay work is all about trying to capture the forms and shapes I see in the human body.